Rules of the Dog Park

Daily hours of operation are from sunrise until sunset.

All dogs outside the off-leash dog park area must be and remain on a leash at all times (City Code 12-3011).

It shall be unlawful for any person in charge of a dog to fail to remove feces deposited by the dog on publicly owned property (City Code Sec. 12-3011[b]).

Every female dog, while in heat, shall be confined in a building or secure enclosure and not permitted to use the dog park (City Code 12-3012).

It shall be unlawful for an owner to fail to provide current rabies inoculation for any dog 4 months or older. Dogs younger than 4 months are not allowed.

The metal tag shall be securely fastened to the dog’s collar (City Code 12-3008).

Handlers must carry a leash and remain inside the fenced area within view and voice control of their dogs at all times.

Acts of aggression against other dogs or people are prohibited. Dogs must be removed if uncontrollable.

Handlers must stop dogs from digging and must fill any hole created by their dogs.

Close Adult supervision required for children under the age of 12.

No food or dog chews are allowed within the off-leash area.

No littering. Place all trash in receptacles.

Climbing on or over the fence is not permitted.

Choke, prong, pinch, and spike collars must be removed inside park area.

No more than three dogs per handler for each visit to the park.

Parks and Recreation staff have the authority to close the site for maintenance, weather related problems, and special events.