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Due to the recent April 2011 storms across our area the Carolina Pines Dog Park is temporarily closed until the park can be cleared and cleaned up. According to the city they will get to it after residential areas have been taken care of.

Carolina Pines Dog Park is located at:
2305 Lake Wheeler Road,
Raleigh, N.C. 27603
(The new dog park is located in the back near the baseball fields.)

Please be sure to stop and read the park rules prior to entering the park to ensure everyone has a delightful time running, romping and playing inside.

Carolina Pines Dog Park in the News! Check out the News 14 story about the grand opening here!


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The park has been open for a few years already! As the latest off-leash dog park to be added to the Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department, an unleashing ceremony was held to celebrate the grand opening on Saturday, October 20, 2007.

Carolina Pines Dog Park is a beautifully wooded area with a nice layer of mulch and plenty of space for running! The Dog Park is composed of three separate fenced-in areas all accessible from the main double gate entry:

~ The "Large" Dog Park Area contains large, open areas as well as trees and natural areas. This entire area is covered in wood chip mulch which is constantly being replenished to keep the park (and the dogs) clean.

~ The "Small" Dog Park Area is a smaller area that is reserved for small, elderly, or infirm dogs. In this case, "small" refers to the size of this section of the park and not necessarily the size of the dogs. If you take a dog into this area, it should be compatible with the style of play associated with small dogs and puppies.

~ The "Training Area" is a separate area that provides an area in which the Wake County SPCA will do training.

There are also separate gates along the fence line which provide access for mulch and equipment deliveries for the park.